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St James Church is a Grade II listed building, much loved by its community, as such all interventions were required to be sensitively addressed not only in terms of the requirements of the building fabric but also with regard to the sensibilities of the community.


Underfloor heating has been sensitively installed under the timber floor elements of the building. This means that the space can be maintained at a steady, comfortable temperature which can be easily raised when needed. Ultimately this means that the energy usage of the building is kept at a sustainable level.

New energy efficient LED lighting fixtures have been used to enhance the conditions within the church. These perform far better than the existing high energy usage halogen bulbs.

All fabric has been retained where possible, with the addition of some elements such as a bespoke designed and made credenza. A door entrance has been reinstated on the northern elevation of the building, allowing better use of the external space around the church for events.


Re-ordering of St. James Church





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