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Designed as a largely single storey dwelling for an elderly resident and his family, Alfrick Pound is an accessible contemporary dwelling in the rural countryside with expansive views over Malvern countryside. The design of the dwelling has been carried out to ensure that the client will be able to live independently, and conforms to Lifetime Homes design standards.


The principal of the design form takes its inspiration from a historical animal pound located just outside the site, providing a courtyard style development with dual aspect to many of the spaces. This arrangement allowing for large areas of glazing to ensure natural light into all spaces internally, and providing views out over the open countryside. To minimize the impact of the proposal on the wider context, the dwelling is built into the landscape to minimize the overall massing of the dwelling when seen from public footpaths, and utilises local stone and timber to ensure a sympathetic material palette. Due to the sensitive location of the proposal, the dwelling must be of exemplar design and provide architectural merit to be considered for planning approval under Paragraph 55 of planning policy.


It is proposed to construct the dwelling from natural hempcrete, with local materials utilised for cladding, to ensure a thermally efficient building envelope with minimal maintenance. Additionally the proposals incorporate a large number of sustainable technologies, heat recovery and ground/air source to ensure a high performance, thermally efficient dwelling with minimal maintenance and running costs required.







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