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Howe Park School is a contemporary addition to an expanding first school located in Milton Keynes. The scheme provides 2 additional classroom spaces with excellent lighting, additional WC’s and a meeting room.


The form and appearance of the new single-storey block is designed to integrate with the existing building. The design also incorporates some interesting features for the children, such as the ‘thought bubble’ windows on the front elevation.

The proposed external finishes and facing materials have been chosen to complement the existing material palette whist providing the required robustness, longevity and minimal maintenance.


The shape and massing of the new building minimises the impact on the amenity of the classrooms in the schools existing north wing (the new block is 13m away to maintain adequate daylight).


Howe Park School has been a successful project which has been produced on a budget and to an excellent standard.


Zero Carbon School


Milton Keynes



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