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The Orchard was originally a simple 1981 dormer bungalow with 4 awkwardly shaped small bedrooms. The proposal has created a more commodious four bedroomed house with improved circulation and storage. However, it does so without changing the overall ridge height of the building.


The proposal succeeds in keeping the existing width of the building footprint, whilst improving the internal layout and raising the roof eaves to create more internal usable first floor space. Extending the house further into the garden, away from the road, also helps create spacious ground floor and first floor areas.


The building has been designed in a contemporary style, using insulating render and timber for the façade, as opposed to the original brickwork. Window frames of aluminium exterior are designed to match this aesthetic.


The building has also been brought up to current sustainability standards, which ensures that the owners will maintain a comfortable home with reasonable heating and electricity bills.









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